Tips to Swap Products This Holiday Season

Holiday Season is on! And, you have ample time to celebrate, rejoice and refurbish your living space. It is easy to revamp your home before the onset of 2017 by simply swapping used products for useful products. It’s the time to get rid of all the unnecessary clutter that has been gathering dust for years. Clear up all nooks and corners of your house this holiday season. De-clutter by bartering old tables, chairs, computer, #books, research papers, head speakers, clothes, toys and other collectibles. Here, we share top five tips to swap products efficiently.


1.Identify Items: The very first tip is to identify articles which are no more useful to you. One needs a big heart to give away things. It is a difficult decision to decide upon which items to keep and which ones to swap. Find out those products that have accumulated multiple layers of dust andyou have not used those for a year or two.  Now, identify which article is operational and non-operational because you cannot barter inoperative, broken and defective things. Separate things that you think people will be interested in swapping. Once you are through with recognizing objects, you are ready to barter.


2.Bundle items: You will get better deals if you give better deals. Barter System is all about creating value of secondhand products by bundling those into a solution. For example: if you have a microphone and a set of speakers to sell, then you have two options to make a swap offer. a) You can sell microphone and speakers separately. b) You can bundle microphone and speakers in a bundle.
Bundling is beneficial for both seller and buyer in terms of exchange value. For a New Year Party, one might be looking to swap for microphone & speaker set to have a blast. Likewise, bundling is another tip for successful trading.

3. Calculate Value: Trading Sites survive on this parameter. You must be an expert to calculate the value of your unused things. It is only the value that would get you things that you require. You cannot exchange research notes for a guitar. Swapping is successful only if both parties offer articles of almost same value. So, bundle your products in a way that you can exchange it for a product you are looking for. Products may belong to different categories, but the value should be same.

4. Create Exchange Deal: “Offers always allure” it is the fundamental principle of marketing. Create attractive “2017 Holiday SeasonOffers” to grab maximum traffic to your listing. (Listing is just another name for a classified advertisement of a product on a trade website.) Exchange Offer is the doorway for the trade exchange. Better Offer ensures better swapping opportunities.

5. Frame Freight Policy:Freight Policy can’t be ignored. The key is to frame it right! There are two modes: a) recipient of products will pay b) trade can be free of freight as both parties can cancel each other’s freight. Users prefer freight free transactions on trading sites. Freight tip can help you sell unused products this festive season.


Hope you are done with Christmas Celebrations and heading for New Year Grand Party! To welcome 2017, you still have time to set things in place. Clean your house by swapping unwanted things to welcome happiness and prosperity in the coming year. Make 2017 more fruitful by making each other’s lives more beautiful by swapping unimportant things for important ones. Happy Bartering for a Happy New Year!




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