Financial Aspect of Bartering

Barter System is the oldest trade approach that is still followed by millions. It simply involves exchange of products (of equal value) between two parties. Cost Benefit Analysis of Bartering should be studied thoroughly in order to conclude upon its financial benefits. All ‘used products that are not in use currently’ can be swapped for much needed products. Cost of storing clutter may appear zero from far, but if swapped its true value may help one to buy many useful goods which are required more. Bartering helps to dis-invest in the clutter and invest in better required products. Barter Sites offer a user-friendly platform for users to swap used products.  Swapping saves a lot of money because it hardly involves any financial transaction.  But, it would be wrong to state that it is purely cashless as postal charges are applicable on exchange.  Likewise, there may be more hidden costs that may envelope the trade exchange. Overall bartering has always benefitted people in both good as well as bad times, but financial aspect can’t be ignored. For this, let’s discuss a few financial aspects of bartering that affect both parties involved in the exchange process.

  • No Taxes: One of the best benefits of exchanging used products is that one need not pay any sales tax on it. The transaction is absolutely tax free; this factor makes swapping services very convenient. People prefer trading on swap sites to save their pocket. Irrespective of the market price and size of item, swapping exempt all kinds of taxes which is a boon for US citizens.
  • No Capital Required: Go cashless on trade sites; one does not require any capital to exchange used products. No need to block capital to invest in useful assets; people can easily exchange their stuffed clutter for the desired products without spending a penny. Isn’t it great to get useful secondhand products without money? Barter system is quite amazing in today’s lifestyle.

People exchanging colourful shapes

  • Postal Charges: Yes, postal charges are applicable on trade sites. Claiming swapping as purely cashless would be little partial, because one has to pay postal charges. The postal (or courier) charges are negligible in comparison to the benefits of exchanging valuable products. This is the only aspect of bartering system wherein the recipient has to pay.
  • Wealth Creation: With almost nil money, bartering offers wealth creation opportunities for buyer as well as seller. Swapping suffices exchange needs of users. With the simple fundamental principle “give away unwanted things to get needed things”, bartering has made its crucial presence in the life of US citizens. Trade sites offer many wealth co-creation chances for individuals.
  • Clutter Cost: Clutter at home takes a lot of space, which is the costliest thing in US. Space cost is one of the burdens to stock unwanted stuff at home. Besides, scrap also has a value to offer. These two costs can be well utilized to get something more valuable and useful. It is a better idea to convert clutter cost into a cash cow and get secondhand products.
  • Great Offers: Secondhand products are offered at a much markdown price on trade sites, which is nearly 25% to 50% below MRP. For example, one wants to buy a washing machine. He / she can get a used washing machine at a great price – may be less than half of MRP; that too cashless in exchange of unwanted stuff at home. This way, it saves a lot of money for users. Happy Bartering to Users!

It’s the time for US Citizens to explore and experience online bartering system to experience great economical exchange offers.



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