Which Items can be bartered?

Barter System is a traditional approach of exchanging things / articles. This method was invented before the invention of currency, and its roots belong to 6000BC. In ancient times barter was a regional affair, but now it is a global trade exercise facilitated through internet. Since there is no money involved in barter system, one must have an art of identifying articles which can be bartered for other articles in return. Consider this step as a starting point as you initiate trading. Refer below the list of items which are best to barter in times of need.

  • Housekeeping Stuff:
    • Laundry Items like laundry baskets, buckets, tubs, mugs, ironing boards, ironing mats and electric irons.
    • Mosquito & Housefly Nets
    • Step Ladders
    • High Stools (to climb)
    • Home Safety Equipment like padlocks, home safes, fire extinguishers and security systems
    • Cleaning Tools like Vacuum Cleaner, Cleaning Gloves, Brushes, Standing mops andinsect repellent machines
    • Shoe Racks (metallic, wooden)
    • Home Storage boxes, baskets, trays, shelves, racks , kitchen storage boxes, jewelry boxes, hangers & hooks and footwear boxes
    • Stationary Organizers like visiting card holders, books & magazine racks
  • Electricals:
    • Fans (ceiling fans, pedestal fans, table fans, wall mounting fans and exhaust fans), Geysers, Room Heaters, Telephones & Modems, Chandelier  & Other Fancy Lights, Extension Cords and Multi-Plug Adapters
  • Garden Tools& Accessories:
    • Planter Pots, Hanging Planters, Vase, Jars and Planter Stands, Bird Baths, Fountains, Trash Cans, Watering Equipment, Grass Mowers, Barbeque Grills, Fire Pits, Swings, Canopies & Umbrellas
  • Kids Articles
    • Bunk beds, Book Shelves, Study Tables, Table & Chair Sets, Drawing Desks, Baby Pillows & Play Mattress, Baby Strollers, Baby Walkers, Sippers & Other Tableware, Toys, Bean Bags, Cradles&Video Games
  • Decor
    • Wall Mirror, Clocks, Photo Frames, Wall Hangings, Wall Art, Candle Holders, Figurines, Showpieces, Posters, Paintings and Wall Shelves
  • Bar Accessories
    • Bar Cabinets & Units, Bar Trolleys, Bar Chairs & Tools and Other Bar Accessories
  • Furnishings
    • Carpets, Rugs, Runners, Yoga Mats, Blinds & Shades and Curtain Sets
  • Dinning
    • Dinner Sets, Plates, Cutlery Sets, Cutlery Holders, Trays & Platters, Casseroles, Bowls, Cups & Saucers, Mugs, Teapots, Bottles, Glass & Tumblers, Jugs&Dispensers
  • Furniture
    • Sofas, Recliners, Futons, Chairs, Wardrobe, Tables, Bed, Dining Table & Chair Set&&Cabinets
  • Kitchen Appliances
    • Mixer & Grinder, Food Processor, Hand Blender, Chopper & Slicer, Toaster, Air Fryer, Deep Fryer, Pop-corn Maker, Electric Kettle, Ovens & Hobs
  • Electronic Equipment
    • Mobile Phones, Chargers, Tablets, Smart Watches, Smart Glasses, Smart Tablets, Smart Bands, Laptops, Desktop, Monitors, Printers & Scanners, Speakers, Camera, Refrigerator, TV
  • Sports Equipment:
    • Fitness Accessories, Racquets for Indoor & Outdoor Sports, Cardio& Gym Equipment, Cycles, Skates , Football, Basket Ball, etc.


Depending upon the equipment that you have in excess, it is the right time to trade those surplus commodities for things that you need more. List your articles on trade sites in specific categories to get more traffic of potential buyers. Spread a word about your listing in your online and offline friends’ network to get more inquiries for trading. We have suggested you the list of used items that you can barter online, but if you have anything that is not mentioned in the above list then you can list it in an appropriate category, or you can suggest a new category to add your product. Barter is the most flexible way of acquiring useful things by giving away no more useful things. Swap used products in easy steps by signing up now to the barter website and start trading products. Promotion plays vital role, so ensure you share your listing in your personal network to get more leads.








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